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Car park at ParkinGO Brussels-Zaventem

If you are looking for a parking slot at Brussels-National airport, the right solution for you is ParkinGO Brussels-Zaventem. With ParkinGO you will have the best quality at the best price. This is the best way to start your journey!

The partner is Times Parking Zaventem and it has been working for many years in this region. ParkinGO Bruxelles-Zaventem is equipped with video surveillance security systems; is open 365 day a year, 24h/7. It offers several additional services, such as car wash or car valet. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us: our staff will help you with any issue.

ParkinGO: car parking at Brussels-Zaventem airport

Brussels-National airport is near the town of Zaventem, just 10 km from Brussels, so is very easy to reach from the city. Brussels Charleroi airport, instead, is quite far in comparison: almost 45 km. This short distance is a plus if you choose to get to the airport using your car. For the airport car park at Brussels-Zaventem, you can rely on ParkinGO Brussels!

Airport Parking ParkinGO Brussels-Zaventem: how to book 

Booking your parking at ParkinGO Brussels-Zaventem is easy and secure: just fill-in the form, click on “get the price” and follow the instructions.

Please remember to indicate date and time of departure/arrival, your choice between covered or uncovered parking and any extra service, e.i car valet or car wash.

Once your booking is successfully completed you will receive a confirmation email with indications explaining how to get to ParkinGO Brussels-Zaventem.

Included in the price:

  • Shuttle service from/to the airport,
  • Surveillance 24h/7
  • Fire and Theft insurance.

If you have any doubt about how to reach the parking or for information about the facility, call ParkinGO Brussels-Zaventem at +32.494.99.23.82 and +32.494.99.29.21

How to get there

Airport Parking ParkinGO Brussels-Zaventem: how to get there

From Brussels:

  • go ahead on Rue de Laeken/Lakensestraat;
  • turn to the right in Boudewijnlaan/Boulevard Baudouin;
  • turn to the left and then go ahead on Ijzerplein/Place de l'Yser/N201;
  • go ahead on N201 for 1km and a half;
  • turn to the right and then turn to the left on Allée Verte/Groendreef;
  • go ahead and take Quai des Usines/Werkhuizenkaai;
  • Use any lane to turn left onto Avenue de Vilvorde/Vilvoordselaan/N1
  • go ahead for 4km;
  • Turn left onto Gillekensstraat, you will find ParkinGO-Times Parking on your left
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