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Parking at Bremen Airport
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Parking with ParkinGO at Bremen Airport has been synonymous with quality and safety since 1995, boasting more than 90 locations across Europe.

Are you seeking the most budget-friendly parking option at Bremen Airport, or do you prefer a premium spot? With ParkinGO, you can select the perfect parking space near Bremen Airport according to your needs.

External parking areas near the airport offer an alternative and often more economical solution to official airport parking.

Online booking is straightforward and secure, guaranteeing you a spot even during peak seasons. The website lets you instantly check available parking spaces and make a reservation within seconds, ensuring a smooth arrival at Bremen Airport without any unwelcome surprises.

Furthermore, with our customer service, you can rest assured that assistance is readily available for any inquiries. Simply send an email to, and one of our team members will respond as promptly as possible.

   Customer Feedback Matters to Us

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to us at ParkinGO. We constantly seek feedback about your parking experience to adapt to travelers' needs and enhance our service each day. We value every type of feedback because your opinion matters to us. We invite you to leave a review on our dedicated survey, where we maintain an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars. Rest assured, the processing of this data is anonymous, yet it enables us to select the best parking spaces at Bremen Airport.

 Information about Parking at Bremen Airport

Are you a frequent traveler or planning a well-deserved vacation? With ParkinGO, you can choose the parking spot at Bremen Airport by comparing rates and features offered by our partners. 

  Parking at Bremen Airport with ParkinGO Information
Number of Parking Providers 2
  Highest Rated Parking ParkService Bremen
 Most Affordable Parking MyParkPoint Bremen
  Closest Parking ParkService Bremen
 Valet Service Parking MyParkPoint Bremen
 Shuttle Service Parking MyParkPoint Bremen, ParkService Bremen

We're at Your Service, Contact Our Customer Support

We're here to assist you with any questions or concerns related to airport parking. The ParkinGO team continually strives to find the best parking deals, enabling you to book a secure, quick, and cost-effective parking spot within minutes. Moreover, we offer the Lowest Price Guarantee and the widest selection of parking providers.

If you need assistance with your booking or have inquiries, feel free to contact us. Our customer service is happy to help and is available to you by sending an email to

 Bremen Airport Parking: Advantages

  • SAVINGS: Up to 80% savings compared to the official parking lots at Bremen Airport. You can park affordably by comparing the prices of our parking partners.
  • CONVENIENCE: When you book with ParkinGO, you don't have to search online for the facility that best suits your needs. Thanks to numerous providers, we offer customers parking spaces with various features.
  • SUPPORT: Our customer service is available to our customers for any type of need.
  • SECURITY: ParkinGO certified parking spaces.

 Long-Term Parking at Bremen Airport

How to Book

If you need to park at Bremen Airport, you can choose whether you want to leave your car for a few days (one to three days) or for a longer period.

Are you looking for short-term parking or are you opting for a long-term parking reservation at Bremen Airport? Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Enter the departure and arrival date and time, and click the Book button.
  2. Select the parking space that best suits your requirements from the choices provided by ParkinGO.
  3. You can choose and book the Bremen Airport parking based on various parameters: price (lowest), transfer service (shuttle or car valet), distance from the airport, and additional services (car wash, luggage packing, etc.).
  4. Complete the booking. If you pay online, the price is even more favorable: you can save up to 30% compared to the list price.
  5. You'll receive an email with a summary of the details and instructions on how to reach the selected parking spot near Bremen Airport.

Alternatively, you can make the booking using the ParkinGO app for iOS and Android. Visit the dedicated page to download the ParkinGO app.

Affordable Parking at Bremen Airport: Prices

Are you a frequent traveler or embarking on a well-deserved vacation? With ParkinGO, you can choose the parking spot at Bremen Airport by comparing rates and features offered by our partners.

Parking Space  Price for 3 Days Price for 5 Days Price for 7 Days  Price for 14 Days Included Services in Parking Price
MyParkPoint Bremen from 5.30€ / Day from 4.38€/Day from 3.98€/Day from 3.49€/Day Shuttle Service, Insurance, Surveillance
ParkService Bremen from 8.30€/Day from 6.98€/Day from 6.41€/Day from 5.70€/Day Shuttle Service, Insurance, Surveillance

 Compare Parking Spaces at Bremen Airport

If you need to park at Bremen Airport, there are several factors that can help you choose the best provider for your vehicle. Below are some features of our partner parking facilities.

Open and Covered Parking Spaces 

There are two options for leaving your car at one of our parking partner facilities: 

  • Open parking spaces, where your vehicle will be parked in convenient outdoor spots that are more affordable.
  • Covered parking spaces, where your car will be parked in indoor facilities or shelters to avoid sudden weather events.

Parking with Shuttle or Car Valet

If you're wondering how to get from the parking lot to Bremen Airport, each parking price includes two types of transportation options:

  • Convenient shuttles with 6-10 seats that drop you off directly in front of the terminal and pick you up upon your return. It's recommended to call the parking facility when you land to inform them.
  • The Car Valet service, allowing you to drop off your car right in front of the terminal and easily depart. A parking facility staff member takes over your vehicle and brings it to the facility, where it will be returned to you upon your return. This service is included in the price at some facilities, while others offer it for an additional fee.

Guarded and Video-Monitored Parking

Safety is the foundation of the ParkinGO philosophy. For this reason, all partner parking spaces are equipped with one or more of the following security systems:

  • 24-hour surveillance of the parking area by qualified personnel
  • 24-hour activation of cameras recording everything that happens in the parking area
  • Private security personnel

Parking with Secure Online Payments

All of our parking facilities use secure and internationally recognized online payment systems. You can pay with credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), debit card, PayPal, and more.

 Parking at Bremen Airport

Bremen, the oldest city after San Marino, is also known as the Hanseatic city. Rich in history and tradition, it combines a historical profile with a distinctly modern one. There are many new shipyards and a modern airport serving the region with domestic and international flights.

Bremen Airport, an operating base for Ryanair and OLT since 2007, is very popular among passengers in northwest Germany and the Netherlands due to its convenient location.

The airport is named after Hans Koschnick, a former German politician and former mayor of Bremen. Above the airport is the Bremenhalle, an aviation museum where, among other things, the LM1 "Spacelab" is exhibited, a space laboratory built precisely in the Bremen region. The latest available data shows increasing air traffic with over 2.6 million passengers per year and nearly 15,000 tons of air freight transported.

Parking at Terminal 1 in Bremen

Terminal 1 is the younger of the two terminals and was opened in 2005. It currently serves all flights except those of Star Alliance airlines.

Parking at Terminal E in Bremen

Terminal E was built following the first airport project and takes the place of an old hangar that was used for parked aircraft.

Parking at Terminal 1 or Terminal E of Bremen Airport? ParkinGO offers you the opportunity to easily, quickly, and securely book the best parking spaces online.


Where can you park for free at Bremen Airport?

Parking for free at Bremen Airport is challenging.
Like at most airports, free parking spaces are primarily reserved for protected categories or for on-duty police forces.
If you belong to one of these categories, please check directly through the airport's official channels to see if you can have a free parking spot.
Other free parking spaces outside the airport are typically far away and expose travelers to a higher risk of theft or parking violation fines. It's better to choose a ParkinGO partner for Bremen Airport that takes care of parked cars 24/7.

Where can you park affordably at Bremen Airport?

Parking affordably at Bremen Airport is easy when you choose ParkinGO.
Thanks to its premium offering, ParkinGO provides you with only the best available parking spots at Bremen Airport. Let reviews guide you or select the best price from the affordable options in Bremen. All parking spaces available on the ParkinGO website are secure, so regardless of your choice, you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your car is safe.

How much does parking at Bremen Airport cost?

The ParkinGO offer varies depending on your needs. On this page, you will find many different options translating into different prices, from affordable parking spots to all-inclusive packages that may include services like Car Valet. The parking spaces available on ParkinGO start from a few euros per day, making your stay at Bremen Airport always economically sensible.
After entering the check-in and check-out dates, you'll be redirected to the pricing page where you can choose between open-air or covered parking, additional services, and much more.
Select the desired option and proceed with a few clicks to complete the purchase.

How do you choose the parking spot at Bremen Airport?

The choice of parking spot at the airport is always subjective. This holds true for your stay at Bremen Airport as well.
ParkinGO offers the best parking spots in terms of value for money, so with each choice, you'll know you've got a great deal.
Guidance can be obtained from details like the distance from the airport, the presence of Car Valet service, available additional services, opening hours, and shuttle availability to find the option that suits you best.
Want to reach the airport as quickly as possible? Choose the parking spot with Car Valet and have your car dropped off directly at the airport without detours to the parking area.
Looking for an affordable parking spot? Choose the option with the lowest price.
Think the weather conditions during your stay won't be favorable? Compare the parking spots with the covered parking option.

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