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Since 1995, ParkinGO has been synonymous with quality and safety in the airport parking sector, with over 90 locations throughout Europe. Whether you're looking for an affordable parking spot at Cologne Airport or prefer a higher-quality service, ParkinGO offers you the opportunity to choose the option that suits you best.

Parking outside the airport is a cost-effective alternative to the official parking lots at Cologne Airport. Thanks to our secure and user-friendly online booking system, you can secure a spot even during peak times. On our website, you can check the availability of parking spaces and book your spot in seconds to avoid any unpleasant surprises upon your arrival at Cologne Airport.

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Our customer service is available at all times to respond to your inquiries. Simply send an email to, and one of our staff members will respond to you as soon as possible.

Your opinion is very important to us. Customer satisfaction is our priority, and we constantly seek feedback to improve our service and adapt to the needs of travelers. We appreciate all kinds of feedback and invite you to leave a review on our dedicated survey, where we have an average rating of 4.8 stars out of 5.

The collected data will be treated anonymously and help us select the best parking spaces at Cologne - Bonn Airport. Are you a frequent traveler or are you planning a well-deserved vacation? With ParkinGO, you can compare the prices and features of our partner parking lots at Cologne Airport.

What You Need to Know About Parking at Cologne Airport

Various aspects such as cost, convenience, and scheduling are crucial when it comes to organizing a leisure or business trip.

Information   Parking at Cologne - Bonn Airport
  Number of Parking Providers 5
  Highest-rated Parking Lot Easyparken Cologne-Bonn
  Most Affordable Parking Lot Trema Parken
  Nearest Parking Lot Easyparken
  Parking Lot with Shuttle Service Easyparken , Trema Parken

 Compare Your Parking Options at Cologne - Bonn Airport

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Our partner parking lots at Cologne Airport meet a range of criteria that are important when searching for cost-effective parking options. The characteristics of these parking lots are described in detail below.

Types of Accommodation: Open and Covered Parking

There are two main types of accommodation at our partner parking lots: open parking and covered parking. With the former, your vehicle is parked in a designated open area at a reduced price. With the covered option, your car is housed in a garage or similar facility to protect it from the effects of the weather.

Transport Options: Shuttle Bus and Car Valet Service

Our partner parking lots also include free transportation to Cologne Airport. This includes comfortable shuttle buses with 6 to 10 seats that take you directly to the terminal and pick you up upon your return. It's important to inform the parking lot operator of your arrival time. Additionally, some parking lots offer a car valet service where you directly hand over your vehicle at the terminal, and it is driven to the facility by the parking lot staff. Upon your return, you'll receive your vehicle. In some cases, this service is already included in the price, while others may require an additional fee.

Safety and Video Surveillance

Safety is of utmost importance at our partner parking lots. Therefore, all parking lots are equipped with various security systems, including 24/7 on-site security personnel and surveillance cameras that record the entire parking area around the clock. Some parking lots also have private security services.

Secure Online Payment

Secure and globally recognized online payment methods are available for payment of the parking lot. These include credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), debit cards, and PayPal.



Save on Airport Parking in Cologne: Safe and Affordable with ParkinGO

Cologne Airport Parking Price for 3 days Price for 5 days Price for 7 days Price for 14 days Included Services
Easy Parking  from 25.54 €/day from 11.64 €/day from 14.41 €/day from 9.63€/day Shuttle, Insurance, Surveillance
Trema Parking from 14.93 €/day from 14.93€/day from 11.91 €/day from 8.31 €/day Shuttle, Insurance, Surveillance

What You Need to Know About Cologne Airport: A Comprehensive Guide

Cologne Bonn Airport is a major hub in the North Rhine-Westphalia region and one of the largest airports in Germany. It serves both passenger transportation and cargo transport and is served by numerous international and domestic airlines.

Parking at Cologne Bonn Airport is very simple and convenient due to the excellent infrastructure. The range of parking options is diverse and tailored to the different needs of travelers. The Parking at Cologne Bonn Airport includes both short-term parking for those who want to pick up or drop off someone and long-term parking for those embarking on a longer trip.

Facilities and Services at Cologne Bonn Airport

In addition to the classic flight services, Cologne Bonn Airport offers a variety of facilities and services. These include numerous shops, restaurants, and cafes that invite you to stroll and relax. There are also various services available, such as car rentals, ATMs, and currency exchange.


What are the parking options at Cologne Airport?

There are several options for parking at Cologne Airport, including short-term parking, long-term parking, covered parking, and open parking. Additionally, there is a valet parking service for added convenience.

What are the costs for parking at Cologne Airport?

The costs for parking at Cologne Airport vary depending on the type of parking and the duration of parking. Short-term parking is typically more expensive per hour, while long-term parking is a more cost-effective option for longer stays. Prices for long-term parking start at an average of around €4.50 per day.

How do I choose the best parking lot at Cologne Airport?

Choosing the best parking lot at Cologne Airport depends on your individual needs. Consider factors such as proximity to the terminal, covered parking, security features, and whether a shuttle or valet service is offered. Additionally, compare prices and read reviews to find the best option for your requirements.

Is there a shuttle service from the parking lot to the terminal at Cologne Airport?

Yes, most long-term parking lots at Cologne Airport typically offer a free shuttle service that transports passengers from the parking lot to the terminal and back.

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