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Avenida do Aeroporto 543
4470-22 MAIA (OPORTO)
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Parking Airport Porto ParkinGO

ParkinGO opens in Porto and continues with its expansion in Europe. Our partner, Opopark, is located just 2 minutes from the airport and offers both outdoor and indoor parking spaces and a quick shuttle service to/from the airport. A qualified team of professionals is always ready to assist you. ParkinGO Porto will take care of your car while you are away on your journey. If you park at our car park in Porto, ParkinGO will guarantee quality at unbeatable prices and offer maximum reliability and security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Porto airport

Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, also known as Porto Airport, is located in Grande Porto, at the junction of the districts of Maia, Matosinhos and Vila do Conde. At present, it is the largest and the most important airport in Portugal in terms of airport space. As far as passengers and freight traffic is concerned, it is the second largest airport in Portugal (following Lisbon). The main airlines operating at this airport are: TAP Air Portugal, Ryanair, which will exceed the number of passengers in TAP and Easyjet.

How to book your car park at Porto Airport

Booking a car park at ParkinGO Porto is simple: just fill out the form below, click the "Book" button and follow the instructions. It is necessary to indicate  the dates and times of departure / arrival, indoor or outdoor parking space. In case you decide to pay online, the price is even more convenient: you save time  and money upon arrival and on departure. After completing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions on how to get to ParkinGO Porto.

Included services:

  • Shuttle service to/from the airport 
  • Surveillance 24h/7
  • Theft and Fire insurance 

How to get there

How to get there

From Porto:

  • Follow the A20 / IC23 starting from R. Campo de los Mártires de la Patria, Av. De los Aliados and R. de Faria Guimarães
  • Follow Via Norte and N13 towards Av. Del Aeropuerto / N107 for Moreira
  • Merge with the A20 / IC23
  • Take the exit no. 2 to merge with Vía Norte / N14 towards Braga / Maia / N12 / Bypass 
  • At the roundabout, follow the 3rd exit towards Av. Del Aeropuerto / N107, ParkinGO Porto is on the left

From Lisbon:

  • Follow the E1 from Av. Alm. Reyes, Av. Alm. Gago Coutinho and Av. Cidade do Porto
  • Follow the A1 towards Vía Norte / N14 for Porto. Take exit 2 on the A20
  • Merge with E1
  • Keep left at the junction to continue along the A20
  • Take the exit no.2 to merge with Vía Norte / N14 towards Braga / Maia / N12 / Bypass
  • Follow Via Norte and N13 towards Av. Del Aeropuerto / N107 for Moreira
  • Merge with Vía Norte / N14
  • Keep left to continue on the N13 and at the roundabout, take the third exit towards Av. Del Aeropuerto / N107, ParkinGO Porto is on the left.
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