Looking for a car park at the airport? With ParkinGO you get much more.

There are many solutions to park the car at the airport, but if you choose ParkinGO you get more than a simple spot! Find out the advantages that our customers* favourite at ParkinGO making a difference in the off-airport car park sector:

  1. Car park at the airport: competitive and clear prices

    Why should you pay more for your car park than for your flight ticket? If you choose ParkinGO, you can save up to 70% compare to the car parks inside the airport. ParkinGO has as well, company agreements that allow further discounts for the frequent business traveller.  
    ParkinGO is clear: on the website is possible to look at our prices and calculate in real time the total cost of the parking in the location you are interested in. 
    And if you lose the check-out ticket or the receipt from reception, don't worry you can always pick up your car with no extra charges and paying only for the days you really used our services.

  2. Frequent shuttle buses between the car park and the airport

    The ParkinGO shuttle buses are continuosly running between the car park and the airport, allowing us to minimize the waiting time. The shuttle bus drops you off directly at the check-in door of your flight company. 
    When you come back, you will receive an sms with the shuttle bus number to call as soon as you have picked up your checked luggage. It will come to pick you up directly at the exit and will bring you back at your airport car park. You won't have to even remember where you parked your car: our staff will go with you to your car!

  3. The advantage to park your car at the airport without carrying the weight of your luggage

    Take with you whatever you need and forget about lifting the weight of your luggage: our personnel will take care of it, loading it and unloading it in the shuttle bus. At most of ParkinGO airport car parks is also available, at a competitive price, the luggage protection service: so you won't have to think about it when you arrive at the airport!

  4. Insurance included in the price

    With ParkinGO you are protected: you have the theft and fire insurance included in the price at our airport car parks. We take the responsibility to protect your car, and give it back to you as it was when you left it. That's why, during the check-in process, we check the car together with you.

  5. Protection of your car inside our car parks

    ParkinGO uses the technology ParkScanner to give you reliability and precision: your car goes through a HD camera tunnel, that scans the entire vehicle, identifying scratches and/or damages in the car; the video (kept until your check-out) will help us to understand if they were made while being in the car park or if they were already there when you checked-in at ParkinGO. 
    Do you already know to have damages or scratches in your car? Let us know before leaving: we have available a network of partners that will leave your car like brand new while you are on holiday! And the extra services aren't finished yet...

  6. Not only a car park at the airport: many more services for your car

    During the car park service your battery has gone flat? With ParkinGO there's no need to call the tow-truck: we will charge it for free! 
    ParkinGO offers more extra services as well as the car park:
    - car wash
    - fuel supply
    - tire change
    - Car services and check-ups
    - Luggage protection
    - Repairs

    Are you coming back into a different airport than the one you left from? For example, you leave from Rome Fiumicino and come back to Rome Ciampino? No Problem! We can transfer your car from one airport to another and we will deliver it directly at the arrival airport. So you can leave your car at the airport car park at Rome Fiumicino and pick it up at the airport car park at Rome Ciampino.

  7. Airport car park and special services for companies

    Has your company further requirements? ParkinGO is the ideal solution.
    For companies or business professionals there's, under agreement, the possibility to get special services, for example hostess for conventions or vip lounges. If you have special requests, contact us: it will be our pleasure to find a solution for your needs or those of the company.

  8. The convenience of the Car Valet service

    Do you get lost on the roads close to the airport? If you don't want to risks and relax 100%, choose the Car Valet service: our staff will pick up your car and deliver it directly at the airport. Find out how it works!

  9. Security at ParkinGO car parks

    In all airport car parks ParkinGO safety and security of our customers and their vehicles are a priority. That's why we use fire protection systems, satellite alarms systems, video surveillance systems with full HD cameras image registration, to ensure together with our security personnel working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, a full security program.

  10. Welcoming you at our airport car parks

    At ParkinGO you won't find automatic machines but qualified staff ready to welcome you with a smile and give you an excellent customer service, every day at any time, even at night. Our waiting areas are equipped with comfortable chairs, snacks and hot and cold drinks machines.

  11. The strength of a big airport and port car park network

    ParkinGO is a network of airport and port car parks located at the main Italian and Spanish airports and ports; every car park from the network guarantees quality service that characterizes the brand ParkinGO. And with our ParkinGO Card you can accumulate points to use in all our network!

*Survey done to our customers 

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