From the car park at the airport to a brand new mobility idea:discover the ParkinGO world!

The solution for parking at the airport

ParkinGO Group is a service company focused on mobility with 80 active car parks in Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Slovakia and Portugal. Nowadays a leader in the off-airport car park market.
ParkinGO, was founded in June 1995 to satisfy the growing demand for parking space near Milan Malpensa airport, and soon became the first car park network servicing everyone who wishes to drive to the airport using their own car. 

ParkinGO's business reality has been growing continuously over the years, reaching an important market position.
Today ParkinGO Group is known by its' different brands:

ParkinGO has been growing every year, achieving a very high rank in the market. 
Today ParkinGO Group is known by its different brands:

  • ParkinGO: airport car parks at the main Italian airports offering a wide range of services like Car Valet or Car wash; 
  • ParkinGO Cruise: port car parks at the main Italian ports;
  • ParkinGO:abroad through the network of affiliates in Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, and Slovakia;
  • Fast Parking: the “smart” brand of ParkinGO Group: same quality, quicker services and even more competitive prices.
  • GetMyCar: the innovative car rental and car sharing platform where you can share your own car or find one to rent when you need it!

At the center of the photo Giuliano Rovelli, the founder of ParkinGO, on the right Paolo Rovelli and on the left Marco Furia, his partners and closest collaborators.

The car park network in costant growth.

There are many Italian companies that have already chosen ParkinGO as a mobility partner at the airport.
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ParkinGO already has a wide network of affirmed partner companies but is in constant search of reliable new partners to start new cooperation relationships in order to expand its' own franchising network.

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