Cruciroad: the New Partnership with WeRoad

Tuesday 28 May 2024

The partnership between ParkinGO and WeRoad is making waves.

To celebrate this collaboration, a Cruciroad has been created, a small crossword and puzzle booklet with a travel theme that is brightening the journey of thousands of ParkinGO customers across Europe. In addition to the games, it provides a fun way to pass the time while waiting for your flight, as well as discounts designed for customers of both brands.

This collaboration stems from the shared intention of making the travel experience even richer and more satisfying by combining the conveniences offered by ParkinGO with the adventurous side proposed by WeRoad.

Cruciroad at ParkinGO

Cruciroad presents itself as a magazine of pastimes, but with a peculiarity: every game, riddle, and crossword is inspired by the theme of travel. This initiative not only offers travel enthusiasts a fun and stimulating way to spend their time but also incorporates an exclusive added value for the members of the WeRoad community. Inside each copy of Cruciroad, travelers will find a special dedicated discount that can be used for ParkinGO and WeRoad services, making the departure for the next adventure even more affordable.

"This is probably the best marketing project we have ever carried out," said Fabio Bin, Co-Founder and CMO of WeRoad.

"As is often the case, it all started from an opportunity. We formed a partnership with the ParkinGO team, which manages parking lots at airports across Europe.
The idea was to 'do something together.' However, we wanted to go beyond the usual exchange of promotional codes between our customers.
So, we came up with the idea of creating and offering a printed magazine with a travel theme, containing crosswords and puzzles, to all the people who leave their cars in ParkinGO parking lots to catch a flight.
A simple, valuable, and economically accessible idea.
It combines the target audience (people already accustomed to traveling), the context (time to be spent in-flight), and, above all, it provides value and engagement to people (instead of bombarding them with commercial advertisements). It has become much more than one can imagine.
From an idea, it has transformed into a real 20-page magazine full of crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, “connect-the-dots”, “spot-the-differences”, curiosities, horoscopes, and much more, all completely designed and produced internally."

The Cruciroad is exclusively distributed to ParkinGO customers in Italy, Spain, France, and Germany. This initiative marks the beginning of a collaboration destined to bring new opportunities and advantages to all travelers looking to combine their love for adventure with practicality and safety in their journeys.

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