ParkinGO Group becomes S.p.A.

Saturday 17 February 2024

The transformation of ParkinGO Group into a S.p.A. aims to further strengthen the company's role in its reference sector, focusing on the future with new growth perspectives and a particular emphasis on innovation to redefine mobility standards at airports, ports, and stations.

"Becoming a S.p.A. is a natural step for a Group like ours with millions of customers across Europe. After 29 years of organic growth, we are now accelerating on very solid foundations, and 2023 is a record year, marking a revenue increase of +35% over 2022 and +43% over 2019. This is thanks to the strong trust relationship established with our customers who clearly understand that our company is committed to constantly offering and innovating services for them" stated Giuliano Rovelli, founder of ParkinGO.

The initiative is part of the development of ParkinGO's car rental through the RentSmart24 brand and the acquisition of some competitors in the airport parking world. In the last two years, ParkToAir, Bravo Parking and Autoport have joined the group's portfolio, in addition to FastParking acquired in 2016.

ParkinGO is also present at major airports in Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and will continue its international expansion beyond Europe.

"We are expanding our business lines with a constantly evolving mobility offering, continuing a journey that began in 1995" commented Riccardo Bellini, CEO of ParkinGO. "Our hubs are open every day, 24 hours a day, capable of providing the services our customers need. Over the years, we have expanded the range of services beyond parking, and today, at our facilities, you can rent cars through our RentSmart24 brand. 2024 marks our Group's entry into the medium and long-term rental sector with the intention of meeting the demands of our customers, which is no longer just the traveler but also those seeking smart mobility solutions.”

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