6 snow driving tips

Tuesday 17 March 2020

In bad weather with ice and snow is always very important to learn or review some useful tips that can help us when roads are not clean.

  1. The right instruments. Getting organized before the trip is very important to drive the best you can. In Italy, winter equipment is compulsory (winter tyres and/or snow chains), depending on local regulations, from 15 November to 15 April. To check whether the road to drive is under an ordinance, our advice is to check the road's web pages.
  2. Smooth movements. With snow and ice it is necessary to avoid rough manoeuvres. Accelerator and brake are used carefully and accompanied by a wise use of the steering wheel to prevent the vehicle from drifting and skidding, making you lose control and come out of the road dangerously.
  3. Pendant problem. In case of snow, do not hesitate when climbing. Take a small flat run, if possible, and climb at a constant speed. If the wheels slip a little, the important thing is not to stop. With the help of long gears and electronic traction control, even the hardest climbs can be reached.
  4. Increase the distances. The braking distances decrease considerably in bad weather. It is better, therefore, to increase the safety distance from other vehicles and surrounding obstacles.
  5. Observe the others. It seems like a little detail, but being aware of the way in which the cars we cross move allows us to predict and evaluate the road section we are going to face.
  6. Caution. In general, whatever is the condition of the road, maximum care makes your journey and everyone else's safer.

These driving tips have been offered by GetMyCar which with its Milano-Courmayeur car pooling project allows you, for the whole winter season, to spend a day in the snow of Monte Blanco for only 60€ (petrol, tolls, skipass and snowcare included). For bookings visit GetMyCar.

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