Car pooling in the snow - Courmayeur All inclusive

Tuesday 17 March 2020

GetMyCar, the innovative car rental and car sharing community, proposes for the winter season a car pooling service at one of the top ski resort: Courmayeur, Mont Blanc. A day on the snow with transfer, Skipass and insurance at only 60 Euro.

Car pooling services timetable

It leaves at 07.30 from ParkinGO Malpensa (the parking service is included in the price) and it comes back the most at 21 always to ParkinGO Malpensa.

How does it work

Like for all smart mobility services offered by GetMyCar also this service requires that one of the passengers drives the van.

To drive the Peugeot Expert, a 7 seater van with all the comfort and safety measurements needed to travel completely relax, is necessary to be at least 23 years old and to have the drivers license for minimum 3 years.

The service operates until April 2018 and includes the Skipass to ski in one of the best locations of Italy: Courmayeur, with its 20 Ski lifts and its 31 Ski Slopes.

How to book

To book is necessary to go on the website, choose the date preferred and prepare skis and helmet!


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