Malpensa, "lands" the first GetMyCar car.

Tuesday 17 March 2020

GetMyCar, the new Car Rental & Car Sharing community, arrives in Malpensa thanks to its partnership with the ParkinGO Malpensa facility. After the surprising success of the summer season in Sardinia, the collaboration between the two brands is renewed this time at the main Milan airport.

The innovative spirit and attention to the customer, common to both companies, are the guarantee of a service whose mission is to revolutionize the concept of mobility and car ownership. Sharing, and the sharing economy in general, is certainly an expanding trend, as shown by research in recent years and the response of customers to similar services throughout Europe.

Booking a car with GetMyCar service in the Malpensa office is very simple, just type, choose the dates, location, car and pick it up in the certified facility of ParkinGO Malpensa.

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