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Tuesday 17 March 2020

ParkinGO updates its online communication with a new website allowing multilingual and multi-regional usability. The contents are available in Italian, English, Spanish and German.


The new website denotes the evolution of ParkinGO Group, that in 2015 began its own growth in Europe, openining the first location outside Italy in Palma de Mallorca (Spain). Today, ParkinGO has 7 active locations in Spain and carries on an international development plan in other European countries, starting from Germany.
In all these years, ParkinGO has grown, embracing international clients that travel frequently for business or leisure, and that are always looking for efficient off airport mobility solutions. With this new website, we want to communicate this change: languages are not related to countries anymore, so the users can browse all contents and pages in the language they choose. For instance, a native Spanish speaking user, looking for a airport parking in Italy, can browse the new website in his mother tongue and find all the information he needs about Italian parkings in Spanish.


This is not the only innovation of ParkinGO’s news website: a new user experience allows users to find the information they need in few clicks.
Mobile user experience is even more effective, thanks to a responsive, fast loading design.
Internet mobile access statistics reveal that mobile users are constantly growing: for instance, we have a growth of 17% of social media mobile users between 2015 and 2016 (+283 million people)

ParkinGO users can always rely on the security of online payment system: the new website integrates Braintree, the payment platform that allows users to choose among different online payment solutions (i.e. PayPal).

The new website’s release is just the first of ParkinGO Digital Innovations; a new homepage is coming soon, with a brand new visual concept and content design.
Another upcoming news is the update of ParkinGO Mobile Application, that will be soon available in online e-stores. The new release is even more performing, fast and functional, with an intuitive mobile design and user experience.

Mobile payments and communications will always be safeguarded by strict security protocols.
Last but not least, those who participates the loyalty program ParkinGO Card will receive wonderful news. Thanks to new partnerships and procedures, it will be easier to spend the loyalty points in all ParkinGO parkings in Italy and business partners. Stay tuned for more updates!
ParkinGO: for over 20 years, the solution for off-airport mobility.

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