ParkinGO among the companies chosen by Amazon

Tuesday 21 April 2020

Many years have passed since the first e-commerce experiments. Slowly, even a historically doubtful country like Italy has begun to approach the world of online purchase and payment. Today, according to a Nielsen research carried out last year, 86% of Italians purchase or have purchased goods and services online.

Among the many giants, born and growíng with this digital development, the first that comes to mind is definitely Amazon. From small online book retailer, Amazon has expanded to become the largest marketplace in the Western world, an incredible success impossible to reach without a simple and transparent purchase track. 

For this reason, receiving a request to enter the Amazon Pay program, and therefore meeting its very high quality standards, is a valid reason for ParkinGO to celebrate. Now, thanks to this collaboration, during the checkout phase you can pay for parking and extra services even with your amazon profile and the payment methods connected to it.

«Amazon Pay simplifies the access and checkout process of hundreds of millions of buyers worldwide»

ParkinGO payment with AmazonPay

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