ParkinGO Art Project among the of the Award Cultura + Impresa

Tuesday 17 March 2020

caravaggio a malpensa

ParkinGO Art Project is among the finalist of the award Premio Cultura + Impresa: the jury, composed by important personalities of the Business and Art scene, aknoweldged the value of ParkinGO initiative in supporting Italian culture and art. The selection followed restricted criteria: among them, the innovation in terms of goals, scenes and execution. The other 4 projects selected in the same category are: 

  • Profili d'Arte- Banca Profilo 

ParkinGO Art Project  has 3 goals:

·      give young artists new places to express themselves;

·      surprise the public with the beauty of classic art in unusual contexts, out of museums;

·      reinvent the traditional figure of the patron.

The project came alive thanks to the cooperation with Andrea Ravo Mattoni, distinguished artist who re-discover classic art in new urban contexts. ParkinGO gave Ravo the means and the perfect place to work, inside its own parkings; the artist reproduced two masterpiece of XVI centuries as wall paintings, using only spray-on-walls technique:

- “Rest in the flight into Egypt”, by Caravaggio; the wall painting is at ParkinGO Malpensa, not far from the city of Milan, and is located near the reception area; 

caravaggio a malpensa, ravo

- “The discovery of the true Cross”, by the painter from Sardinia kwown as Maestro di Ozieri; the wall painting is inside the airport parking ParkinGO Olbia.


The "collection" ParkinGO Art Project will soon be enriched by other masterpieces, in the network parkings in Italy.

The winners of the award Cultura+Impresa will be announced by the end of April 2017; the award ceremony will take place in May. 

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