ParkinGO, even more Mobile!

Tuesday 17 March 2020

A month later the publication of the new website ParkinGO, results are already showing:

nuovo sito ParkinGO parcheggio aeroporto


Thanks to the renovated graphic interface, improved and lighter, even more people have chosen to book online the car park at the airport. A result that rewards the work done by the R&D team, projecting everyday innovative solutions and adapting to the constant evolution of the behaviour of our online customers.

nuovo sito ParkinGO parcheggio aeroporto


Less clicks no stress: less steps and time necessary to book allows our website to be quicker. Furthermore with the new price comparison is even easier to choose the option to suit the customer needs.

nuovo sito ParkinGO parcheggio aeroporto


System intuitive and user-friendly thanks to the full compatibility with all mobile devices (increasing globally), allows a better experience to who is always moving.  A concept that is increasing constantly and is related to the concept of speed: in fact it seems that these two elements are more and more necessary nowadays, for those offering online services like ParkinGO.

….but the news at ParkinGO don’t finish here.  We are projecting a new functionality to ease even more the access to all our services. Stay tuned!

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