ParkinGO: proud of being a company offering services and not only a parking place.

Tuesday 17 March 2020


The choice of car park at the airport depends on a lot of aspects and not only in proximity: security, liability, competence and courtesy are the main

characteristics that distinguish a high quality service. And these are the reasons as well of our clients remaining loyal to the brand ParkinGO.


1- Do you prefer “Official” or “advantageous”?

Our price list is clear and transparent: At ParkinGO you can save up to 70% compare to price lists of the “official” car parks, not loosing quality service.

Even the luggage protection service is cheaper than the prices applied at the airport.

2- Do you prefer “Official” or “efficient”?

Our shuttle buses are available 24/24h, 365 days/year. We are developing an free app for smart phone and tablet where you will be able to book our

services, call the shuttle bus, guide yourself to our parking etc…this app is already in use in the Italian ParkinGO Network and very soon in Spain too!

3- Do you prefer “official” or “secure”?

ParkinGO has patented ParkScanner. The technological tunnel formed by Full HD cameras monitoring better the status of all vehicles coming in and out of

the car park. An exclusive innovation allowing maximum transparency with our clients.

Furthermore, the ParkinGO car parks are not “an area rented”: with the ParkinGO network you are protected with an insurance against fire and theft

included in the price so you can travel relaxed.

4- Do you prefer “official” or “courtesy”?

The shuttle bus ParkinGO goes with you to the entry door of the airport: walking only a few meters to the check-in area from the entry door and you

won’t have to load and unload your luggage from the shuttle bus, our driver will do it for you. The reception personnel are available day and night, o

maybe you prefer to queue in front of a machine? The courtesy of ParkinGO doesn’t stop here, obviously is extended to your vehicle thanks to our extended range of services: Car Valet (leave and pick up

your car directly in the airport, one of our employees will come to pick it up or give it to you without going through the car park), careful car wash, change

of tires, car servicing and of course booster service to your battery in case of any problems after a long stay. A real and proper “spa” treatment that takes

care of your vehicle while on holiday or working when you have no time.

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