September, time to come back or go on holiday?

Friday 18 November 2022

On the last few years, the idea of summer vacation is changing, we don’t use only July and August to go on holiday but thanks to the increasing number of hotels and resorts offers a wider period of time that goes from June to September.

That’s why more summer destinations, weather allowing, chose to extend the season and greet more tourist doing what’s now called “the intelligent holiday”.

Less people, lower prices and events better than the ones held in August; that’s only a few reasons that are changing the behaviour of the Italians and round the world tourists. It seems, in fact, that is not only a “Made in Italy” trend but a global philosophy.

But which recommendations should we follow to enjoy our September vacations?

Be careful with the weather. Remember that is not summer everywhere specially if you are thinking for your September holidays visit an exotic destination or generally go to the other hemisphere.

Live your holidays as a local. September has been always considered the month to come back from holidays. That allows you to visit your destination in a different way that you would do in august; have the chance to know the “original” place, get into the everyday life and enjoy the local events.

Trust other users. When choosing a destination, interesting places and restaurants trust the net but with a critical spirit. Read the travel blogs, the opinions of other travellers and compare them: you will avoid unwanted surprises.

Thanks to its international experience, ParkinGO in cooperation with GetMyCar – Car Rental & Car Sharing Community – recommends you three perfect destinations for your September holidays.

ParkinGO Palma di Mallorca recommends:

parcheggio aeroporto ParkinGO Ibiza


The temple of the summer “movida”, Ibiza, at the end of September closes its season with memorable events. We are talking about “Closing Parties”, the last nights of the most famous clubs of the island that say goodbye to the summer with parties and the big DJ’s of the moment.

But the White Island is not only discotheques and clubs, but as well an ideal place to relax in the golden beaches, walk around the streets in the centre or do aquatic sports.

ParkinGO Bruxelles recommends:

parcheggio aeroporto ParkinGO consiglia Bruges


The choice for more than two million tourists per year, Bruges, the “Northern Venice” is the perfect destination to discover Belgium like you have never seen. The reasons to choose Bruges are many: the great beer, the original Belgium Architecture and the Chocolate museum are already good reasons to convince anyone to spend their September holidays in its historic centre, recognised by the Unesco.

GetMyCar Puntaldia / ParkinGO Olbia recommends:

parking airporto ParkinGO suggests l'autunno in Barbagia


For those Italian tourists that don’t want to leave the national borders, Sardinia is always a high demanded destination thanks to its soft weather that allows postponing to September the last swim of the season.

But is not only sea; every September is possible to travel to the oldest traditions of the island thanks to the event circuit called “autumn at Barbagia” that till December will guide you to the discovery of a non-conventional Sardinia.

Getting to the different important places of the island it’s easy thanks to the service GetMyCar, Car Rental & Car Sharing Community that allows you to book the car perfect for your needs.

From October the service of Smart mobility in cooperation with ParkinGO and its partnership will be available as well in Italy.

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