Come and discover our advantages at ParkinGO Palma de Mallorca!

Tuesday 17 March 2020

Park any time you want at no extra cost. We take you to the airport and back as many times as you need!!


Aparcamiento Cubierto            Aparcamiento Descubierto
3 meses    200   3 meses     120
6 meses    312   6 meses     232
12 meses  528   12 meses   368

Family or friends want to use your car while parked at ParkinGO? No problem! Give us his/her details and with your authorisation we will hand your car with exterior wash included in the price!!

Come to ParkinGO, a renown brand with the best technology in the European market.


For more information, contact us:

Aparcamiento aeropuerto Palma de Mallorca

Calle de Can Singala,  Polígono Son Oms,

07610 Can Pastilla, Palma de Mallorca

Tel. 00 34 60 88 84 119

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