ParkinGO announces the public date for Securities Token Offering

Tuesday 24 March 2020

ParkinGO, European leader in airport parking, announces the public date for their Securities Token Offering on STOKR

20.12.2019, Luxembourg
ParkinGO, the leader in European airport parking, announces to launch the public offering for their security tokens on 3rd February 2020. The security tokens will represent a certain percentage of revenue rights of the ParkinGO business. The investment opportunities will be open for both professional and retail investors, from selected European countries. 

The investment will enable ParkinGO to internationalise their businesses even further within Europe. ParkinGO is currently active at 80+ airport parking locations in Europe. In addition to airport parking, ParkinGO has also expanded in car-sharing and short-term leasing services for their 2.5 million customers, in recent years. 

ParkinGO has chosen STOKR for the issuance of their security tokens. STOKR is a one-stop-shop for companies to issue security tokens that enables access to exciting investment opportunities for investors. The security tokens for ParkinGO will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain as per the STOKR Framework. The STOKR Framework is a unique smart contract framework developed by STOKR, which helps companies issue securities compliant  with EU capital market rules. Additionally, ParkinGO has appointed Krestons RS as a global advisor to support the investment processes.ParkinGO will issue their security tokens from Luxembourg. 

‘In recent years, we positioned ourselves as a European pioneer in the mobility sector, expanding beyond any ordinary airport parking service. The objective of this partnership between ParkinGO, STOKR, and Kreston is the tokenisation of a company's asset and it is the key to the internationalisation process and innovation of ParkinGO.’
Davide Rovelli, CEO, ParkinGO International SA

‘We are super excited to feature ParkinGO as our first project on STOKR. ParkinGO has shown the way for other family-owned European companies, on how they can leverage security tokens to access the capital markets, long dominated by a handful of companies’ Arnab Naskar, Business Lead, STOKR

Prospective investors can register their interest from today on STOKR, or can contact the ParkinGO team on

About ParkinGO

Founded in 1995, ParkinGO is a twenty year strong story of an Italian enterprise that seized the business opportunity of car parking next to a growing Milan Malpensa airport, with an increasing flow of travellers using low-cost and international flights. Since then, the business has thrived, raising the bar to satisfy the demand for streamlined parking and transfer at airports. Year on year, the company has extended its network of airport, port, and train station parking services across 90 locations in Italy and Europe. Today, they are the first in their sector to move onto the blockchain.


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